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Transnational emails have comparatively high open rates

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04Mar, 2017

Transnational emails have comparatively high open rates

You can say that transaction email is something that is not in “Bulk” . It is a email which is sent to user based on actions like –
1) A action took directly .
2) Action they were target of .
3) Even the inaction on their part .
For example – If a individual signs up for your website , you would definitely like to welcome him with a nice email , that’s what exactly a transaction email is .
An example of second one is the alerts or notification we all receive from social networking sites . In this case the action was taken by other users but the recipient was on the target , so it is a notification email to inform them about something that might affect them has happened .
People refers this transaction emails with various names like automatic , real time or even personalized emails .
Some actions that are triggered commonly –
1) Email address confirmation – This is the first transnational email which the user will receive when he joins your website , it is important from a websites point of view to send it for purpose of maintaining a healthy relation with their users by staying connected to them and having a reliable communication . It is mainly sent to inform the subscriber that their account has been created , and further steps and additional information after that if any .
2) Password reset – It is necessary for the users because this allows them to recover or set new passwords in order to have access to your app . The sender must take care and ensure that the email they sent have reached the recipients inbox , he should also make sure that their password reset procedure will prevent users from any kind of fraudulent .
3) Purchase receipt – Being an online vendor it is your responsibility to send purchase receipts email to your customers , any delay or mistake in this will create a negative impression for your brand in customers mind . Don’t forget to add additional details in mail like number and list of items purchased , shipping locations and etc . Also make sure that these emails are responsive and optimized for different devices .
Along with this there are also some more common transnational emails like –
4) Account balance updates .
5) Thanks giving for some action .
6) Auto responders .
7) Support requests .
8) Weekly manifests .
9) App error alerts .
10) Monthly invoices
and the list goes on . But these may not be specifically only transaction emails you receive . Any kind of action can trigger a email . The setup to trigger is real time and you will receive such emails within the seconds of transactions .
These transnational emails have comparatively high open rates because these emails contains the content which is needed by the recipient .

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