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Newsletters through emails have also turned out to be very common

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05Mar, 2017

Newsletters through emails have also turned out to be very common

Newsletter traditionally used to be a small newsletter which was distributed daily to its subscribers on the topic of their interest . But with changing technology and concepts traditional way of passing newsletter changed and is replaced by emails .
With the pace which email marketing is emerging , newsletters through emails have also turned out to be very common . The main function of email marketing is to boost the visibility of your brand in consumers mind , that’s what this newsletter email actually does.
It is a very powerful marketing and communication tool with various useful functions . It helps you to build a unique relation with the user . It informs your user about your latest products , services , developments and etc , it inform them about what you are up to , this today has become necessary to ensure your brands visibility in your consumers mind .
There are 4 types of newsletter emails that are as follows –
1. Single promotion – It prepare and send newsletter based on not more than a single topic .
2. Regular newsletter – It is more like the traditional newsletter but in a digital form . It is a cluster of news from several fields and topics .
3. Auto Responder – This contains a series of emails which are sent out after the subscription .
4. Automatically triggered email – It is a unique type of service where a user can get email by clicking on a specific link .
Below are listed some advantages and disadvantages –
Advantages –
1. It is a reasonable option as compared to the traditional option . It doesn’t incur any cost and headache of getting it printed and circulating it daily was also not a easy job .
2. It is a medium that is quite easy to develop it and also performs with a greater speed for delivering purpose .
3. With this you can easily measure your results , this in turn will help you to tailor your content accordingly and along with demand . This also helps you to find out your return on investment .
4. Procedure for purchasing and registration is done through a single online medium and one doesn’t need to switch to other medium for purchasing or registration .
5. With growing popularity for smartphones your users can receive newsletter daily irrespective of their locations . While in a traditional one your subscriber must be at home to receive it .
While along with advantages there are also few disadvantages to be considered like –
1. In traditional newsletter there used to be a physical touch involved which now due to online newsletter  email has vanished . In short the tactile experience of printed physical product is lost .
2. Just think about receiving a physical newsletter to read firstly and then think about a email of your newsletter you receive , which one would be more efficient in catching your attention , which one would you read with more concentration . It majority of times is a physical one . so this explains what exactly would be missing in a online screen based newsletter .
3. Unlike traditional one there are many newsletters a user receives on their inbox so this at a times can reduce the efficiency of your newsletter as your newsletter in this case will not get deserved attention .
So this was some of its specification and pros and cons . However we can notice that positive side at many areas out master the negative side and secondly with changing time you have to adapt to the change in order to pace up with modern and ever changing lifestyle .

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