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E-mail platforms can be deployed Enterprise E-mail Platforms

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07Mar, 2017

E-mail platforms can be deployed Enterprise E-mail Platforms

Emails are expected to deliver messages and serve as a platform for communication and collaboration such as instant messaging, team collaboration, social networking, and social collaboration. E-mail is either deployed on-premise by enterprises or on-demand as a service offered by service providers. E-mail platforms can be deployed Enterprise E-mail Platforms.
IBM Corp. Invented the groupware and enterprise collaboration market over 20 years ago. Since then, IBM has been a market share leader in providing security-rich messaging and business applications to organizations of all shapes and sizes.
Microsoft Corp. Outlook (2013) has a brand new look. It’s cleaner. It’s designed to help you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts. You’ll be able to communicate more effectively by connecting efficiently with others.
Novel Inc. Novel gives you a truly “plugged in” collaborative work environment that tackles information overload, mobilizes your productivity, transforms your contacts into valuable business currency, and lets you collaborate and interact across virtual and organizational boundaries.
Axigen Messaging Axigen is an easy, secure and powerful mail server based on an innovative technology, providing unmatched manageability for system administrators. Integrating all modules in a robust messaging solution, Axigen is developed for demanding users, from small businesses to large ISPs and HSPs
VMWare Inc. Organizations are increasingly virtualizing more of their Tier 1 mission-critical business applications and platforms, such as databases, ERP, CRM, bulk email, collaboration, Java middleware, business intelligence and many others. With the VMware Tier 1 Application Virtualization solution built on VMware vCloud Suite, you can enhance the quality of IT services delivered, while simplifying your infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and eliminating costly over-provisioning.

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