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Corporate Bulk Mailing and Dedicated Servers

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20Jun, 2018

Corporate Bulk Mailing and Dedicated Servers

Email being a really powerful tool which can build strong relationships with customers and generate new businesses if made use of wisely in online marketing, e-mail shot or shot mail advertising.
If you talk to businesses you’ll find that very few of those make use of e-mail in a proper manner and majority of those businesses are not taking the advantage of this very powerful tool.
Imagine having a list of 1000, 2000, 10,000 or more e-mail ids of your satisfied customers whom you can send a message in just few minutes without any printing and postage expense.
Starting up and new business is not an easy task. Once you’re done with your agenda of deciding what your business is going to be about and what you will be providing to your customers, it leads you to the second step that is production of your items or initiating the production. This lead you to your third step that is spreading of your business and letting people know of your products which is not a easy task. This is where bulk emailing comes in.
Count it as a huge time saver and convenient. There is a much more important thing to take into consideration.
Nowadays many mail servers, and significantly free services as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, refuse to accept messages from any local SMTP server: this is because in the past most SPAM was sent through local servers; therefore, as a spam-prevention measure, they accept messages only from ‘public’ SMTP servers – servers whose addresses have been registered as public SMTP relays. In other words, if you are using a local service to send out to Hotmail, the most you can and should expect is that your message will go straight into the spam folder if at all it is accepted.
If e-mail marketing is an essential part of your everyday activity, you should consider a dedicated service. You will be getting much faster sending and much greater delivery rates, and the cost will probably lower than any other marketing tool after all.
If you do frequent or large mailings, or e-mail marketing is very important for your business consider a dedicated third party SMTP service.

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