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SMTP Server and its cloud benefits

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13Nov, 2018

SMTP Server and its cloud benefits


For any personal needs or applications for your business regarding marketing or communication through mails, email servers are the ones that offer you all the features you will ever need. Hence functioning of these email servers are carried out through SMTP servers. They are considered to be ideal for ample number of reasons.

SMTP server stands for “simple mail transfer protocol” which is a server or group of servers assisting you to send and receive messages in the form of emails. It has its own dedicated address that can be determined by the client using the server. It is built same as other servers but differ in functionalities. Its main function is to perform transfer of mails.

It is also important for an SMTP user to determine how it is used i.e. how an email goes from the sender to the receiver. SMTP makes this process fairly basic with proper ease. Firstly you compose your emails with all your content and attachments and then click the send option using your mail client from your address to the recipient’s address. Then the email is sent via port25 to an SMTP server having its own address. Then after, the SMTP server acts as a MTA(Message Transfer agent) along with your mail client to relay the information regarding sender details, recipient, the domains of each, and other transfer information.

If your recipient has a direct account with the domain connected to the SMTP server then the email is delivered right away. If this is not the case, then the server relays the message to another server closer to the recipient. This continues until the message is delivered to the server connected directly to recipient’s domain.

If there’s any problem regarding recipients server getting down, busy or not responding the SMTP server stores the message as a backup and is queued for attempting to redeliver it when the backup server is not available. After certain attempts the message is sent back to the sender and is notified that the message was not successfully delivered.

Cloud benefits of SMTP server:

We here at DELIVER2INBOX provide best quality SMTP servers giving you your own dedicated IP address for your private use. SMTP server avoids issues related to bulk mail restrictions as it allows you to send multiple numbers of emails with no limits. It saves you from IP address used by spammers making your mails to get delivered efficiently. It lets you to have effective marketing campaigns and functions dedicate for your bulk email needs.

SMTP servers play an invaluable role for your modern business in putting up your email marketing campaign and reaching wide areas of consumer groups through bulk mailing. It promotes highly professional and functional services by assigning whole control for your own IP address SMTP server. We provide you the underlying infrastructure helping the SMTP server to reside and point you in the right direction for setting up and managing it.

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