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How can email-marketing be cost-effective to small organizations

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12Jan, 2019

How can email-marketing be cost-effective to small organizations

Email marketing is one of the oldest and smartest marketing channels which can earn you lots of visitors and customers on your website. Marketing teams consider email marketing as the most prominent option for carrying out their marketing campaigns. With increasing number of email-users, it is getting more beneficial to choose this type of marketing channel.
There are multiple problems faced by small organizations like lack of resources, lack of an experienced team, competition to tackle and lot of other problems making them to think twice before spending on any operation as to make sure if it would be cost-effective or not. Small Organizations can also benefit through email-marketing because of its multiple features making it to be cost effective and satisfyingly fitting their budget constraints. There are multiple points influencing small organization’s interest in following email-marketing to go cost effective as follows :-
• As your business expands or grows, it is important to scale up your operations which can be done by bulk email marketing as it scales up along to implement cetain applications and transactions and to customize interactions with your customers.
• Sending of emails that too in bulk quantity is not bound by any location restriction which allows you to reach a wide geographical area as all you need is the email address of the subscriber to strike a conversation. Bulk mailing certainly leads to be a cost-effective quality as it reduces the per mail cost incurred to send emails in huge quantity.
• You can send upto 1500-2000 emails for zero expense as many of email service provider offer their service for nominal charges or free of cost for businesses having a mailing list of less than 2000 subscribers. As small organisations have a small list of subscribers, they could benefit efficiently by these services.
• Email marketing gives instant results within almost 4 hours which could let the small organizations know whether their campaign is going successful or not and change their operations and strategies accordingly.
• Email marketing provides the ability to personalize communications based on customer’s journey with the help of merge tags and dynamic content blocks.This eliminates unnecessary burnouts caused due to lot of work done in a day’s gap.
• Email marketing offers you higher ROI’s even if you have a below-average email performance. As even if you have suppose 2% of conversion rates than its revenue could certainly exceed the cost you have incurred in email marketing.
• Small organizations can even increase their sales because of the customer’s trust built, who are using their emails. These customers might wait for updates and upcoming campaigns and might expect different strategies from these organizations, which could build a customer group and ultimately boost up your sales.
From the above points, we can certainly conclude that email marketing is a effective medium for marketing as far as cost is concerned and can even benefit in lot other grounds which could earn small organizations higher revenues.
We here at DELIVER2INBOX also understand small organisation’s budget constraints and have accordingly framed our bulk mailing plans to make it affordable. We provide efficient bulk mailing plans that could help you to achieve success in email marketing campaigns.

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