Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, What is More Better for Email Marketing in Small Businesses?

Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, What is More Better for Email Marketing in Small Businesses?



Many large businesses and organizations that have proven to be successful in attracting new customers, credit email marketing as their major player. With email marketing, more customers can now be connected and be informed about the services of the business. To compete with all the other businesses, small businesses can make the most of this tool to attract their target audience.

What tools of email marketing can small businesses consider?

Small businesses can use Email marketing to develop their market. There are two methods or applications which are widely used by businesses to perform email marketing at reasonable rates, which are Constant Contact and Mail Chimp.

Mail chimp or Constant contact?

Mail chimp, the largest application alive for Email marketing offers a quick and easy setup with utilities of free membership, attractive email templates, etc. On the other hand, Constant contact email marketing application has been recently the most popular one because of its incredible features like sleek designs, easy setups, free trials, etc.

Mail chimp and its features

Talking about Mail chimp, it offers an impressive collection of standard templates along with customization possible to its users. You can produce and create your email designs by incurring a bit of time and effort. Mailchimp allows your virtual integration to any CRM application. You can review all the detailed analytics and can track your email marketing campaign’s performance easily. It has this A/B functionality which increases the efficiency of performance testing.

Mail chimp maintains a proper report of who opens or closes the newsletters and can track various e-commerce conversions. Mailchimp also ensures with high deliverability of messages to all the customers.


Mail chimp offers multiple automating options, allowing you to send emails automatically.

It provides an impressive and easy to fill the registration form along with offering an option of drag and drop through which you can add custom fields and various color options. Mail chimp provides free membership for Sending messages up to 2000 users along with which you can also choose between different plans for modification and advanced segmentation.

You get some more additional features like multiple layouts, image options, team collaborations before sending emails, unlimited storage space for images, photo editing, specialized analytics and a lot more.

Therefore going for Mail chimp is not a bad option to choose for your Email marketing campaign.

Constant Contact and its Features

1. Constant contact is getting famous nowadays for its incredible features. Starting from its templates, it offers templates in abundance with customization for your email layouts. It is comparatively more convenient then Mail chimp as it provides more design flexibility for your message to score high.

2. Constant contact is capable to integrate with all the major apps like Facebook, Shopify, etc. This helps you to conquer the higher reach of your emails reaching every one of your targeted audience.

3. Constant contact is comparatively better than Mail chimp when it comes to customer support. It comprises of all the communication channels like live chat, email, phone communication through which you can get your issues resolved quickly by their expert support. It provides detailed analytics of general trends and marketing campaign overviews. It also ensures better deliverability of messages to its customers in comparison with Mail chimp making it quite remarkable. Through Constant contact, you can create an easy registration form for your customers to sign up. You can use different layouts, designs, and colors to present your registration form in a customer-friendly manner.

4. Constant contact offers you first-month service free for your unlimited users, including all its beneficial features. Even after that, it has affordable plans to continue with.

5. It offers some valuable features like event management and marketing, access to free stock images, Autoresponders for automation, coupons, donations, surveys, and image storage up to 2 GB with the ability to upgrade.



After the above description of features of Mail chimp and Constant contact, you might have found out which application will perfectly suit your business email marketing requirements. Both of the applications can seek you higher results, but as far as performance and features are concerned, Constant contact stands higher. Mail chimp, on the other hand, promoting low-cost functioning which could be chosen if you have a lower budget.

Both applications can be useful for your email marketing campaigns. You can get these applications exclusively from Deliver2inbox who specializes in providing bulk mailing plans and high performing applications.

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