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How to Send Bulk Emails using SMTP Server Hosting?

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20Jun, 2019

How to Send Bulk Emails using SMTP Server Hosting?

Email communication has increased extensively and is being used by many businesses for their professional form of communication. Many groups of businesses, individuals, communities and organizations are connected online through the communication channel of emails. This has posed up an opportunity for all the businesses and their marketers to connect largely and widen their reach.


Sending these emails in bulk has been a necessity to all the businesses having a huge client base. Sending invoices, messages, festival wishes or any sort of communication in bulk to all the clients separately can be a daunting task

Here Bulk email server plays a major role in fulfilling all the needs for sending emails in bulk. There are some SMTP options which can be considered for sending unlimited emails at one time.


SMTP Hosting

SMTP hosting offers the effective features of sending bulk emails with a dedicated IP using their own domain. Normal webhosting providers may not offer you this function or may offer with some limitations. SMTP server hosting are capable to carry your bulk mailing transactions easily. Availing it from Deliver2inbox, you get some exclusive features along with it like –

  • Free SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Setup.
  • Dedicated IP for each account.
  • Free Domain key signing? rDNS setup.
  • Allowable IP rotation.
  • Simple to understand integration with your applications.
  • Use of multiple IPs for sending bulk emails with different identities.
  • Assists to send all the transactional and promotional emails.
  • Use Cpanel to create multiple email addresses.
  • Webmail access for sending and reading emails.

Many webhosts may lack in their bulk mailing services and may not ensure utmost deliverability of your mails. Deliver2inbox offers you efficient SMTP servers which offer maximum deliverability of your emails.


How Can These SMTP Servers be Used to Send Bulk Email

Deliver2inbox will provide you a SMTP server credential to connect your software with their hosting account to relay emails through their servers. All you would need to do is set a password, username, hostname and port number. You also have to update your MX records and some DNS changes in your domain before using the SMTP server.


Your bulk transactions could take a huge leap with SMTP servers as they ensure that your mails are fast and appealing. All your goals of acquiring and managing a huge customer base can be fulfilled by these SMTP servers.


Deliver2inbox offers SMTP hosting for sending bulk emails starting with 5000-10000 mails to unlimited mails an hour. Our SMTP servers are specifically designed to pace your email marketing campaign and make it successful reaching your entire targeted customer’s inboxes.


Don’t waste time. Invest in Deliver2inbox’s SMTP servers and enjoy the highest speed and highest deliverability of your emails.


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