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How to get Better Results using bulk email services?

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31Jul, 2019

How to get Better Results using bulk email services?

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Bulk email services are the services provided for sending bulk emails at one time. Businesses employ bulk email services to perform email marketing campaigns to attract and influence its reach of targeted customers. Emails are currently considered to be the platform with highest opportunities and efficiencies as the performer can perform its campaign by just sitting on their couch and their offers can be delivered to all their customers.

Undoubtedly, email marketing is the best way to perform a marketing campaign, but some may find it to be difficult to achieve their results.  It’s not just the emails, but the right execution by the marketers also matters. Many marketers leave it completely to bulk email service tools without any customization and a strategy. This might land them into unsuccessful marketing results even after having the perfect tools.


The right execution by the marketers is implied to how they use bulk email services to maximize their results. We are going to let you know some of the important points to be focused on in order to make the most of your bulk email services and have a successful email marketing campaign

Attractive and Descriptive Subject Line

Subject lines of emails give the first impression on customer’s mind. Therefore, it is important to keep this subject line attractive and descriptive with describing about the offers in a brief. It is seen from a review that around 24.8 % increase in opening of emails can be witnessed.

You can check your subjects firstly on small groups and then on large groups if you find a particular subject line successful. Make sure that your subject line brings up the interests of your customers instantly they see your emails.


Give Your Email a Personalized Touch

If you frame your emails according to what your customers are looking for, you’ll gain the maximum advantage as customers will sense their requirements and belongingness. The content subject lines, body, images, GIFs, videos and every other thing in your emails should be molded according to your receiver’s comfort. It is seen from a review that around 30% increase in conversions of emails are witnessed, when there are personalized emails deployed.


Be Certain With Time to Send Your Email

Many marketers pick the wrong time to deploy their emails. Well it is important to send these bulk emails at the right time, when there are utmost chances of your receivers to see your email. It would be recommendable to send emails on weekdays and not on weekends as on weekdays, people most often check their mailboxes instead on weekends when they most likely don’t check.


Link With Your Social Media

Social media is widely used by almost all today. Your prospective customers can feel a sense of belongingness, if you let them watch your social media profile, for Example LinkedIn profile which could give them an idea about your business and gain an upper-hand of trust.

Therefore, these are the common important points which should be taken care while performing an email marketing campaign. Well, proper execution is utmost important along with a proper bulk email service from a reputed bulk email service provider like Deliver2inbox. Deliver2inbox offers exclusive and additional features along with the bulk email services which gives you the perfect chance for a successful email marketing campaign.

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