With use of dedicated IP address your reputation will be top notch.

With use of dedicated IP address your reputation will be top notch.


Email marketers used to believe that a Dedicated IP address is the best solution but yet in some cases you can benefit from using a shared IP address. Let’s look closely at the advantages and downsides of each one so that you could make the right decision for your company. A Dedicated IP address is the one that is used only by you or your company to send the emails from. 

This makes it easy for you to track what is sent, and you’re the one who is responsible for what reputation your IP address gains. As long as you are following the best email standards and practices and sending it to a verified opt-in list, you should be staying away from a bad reputation that could harm your email deliverability.


That’s a positive aspect. Dedicated IPs are static and do not change. Since the IP does not change, the history and reputation of the IP belong to the customer using it. Building a solid reputation using a Private IP takes time, and the only way to do it is by sending legitimate emails and following best practices

After 3-6 months of sending legitimate emailscleaning your lists and avoiding complaints, your reputation will be top-notch. In general, the IP address is the unique identifier of a computer, similar to your Social Security Number in the sense that, just as with SS Numbers, no two IP addresses are the same. The internet identifies computers uniquely by their IP addresses


Each IP address has an email record and a reputation, and you do not want your IP to be tarnished by association with spam. If your IP is like a Social Security Number, then your reputation is like your credit score. The reputation of your IP address is directly relevant to the deliverability of your campaigns

If your IP address is blocked or blacklisted, your emails are not going through, it is as simple as that. So if you are on a shared IP in one of the Internet’s “bad neighborhoods,” your innocent reputation can quickly be tainted by unrelated spam complaints, although you are not sending any unwanted email

Using a Dedicated IP address will allow sending small volumes of emails. Although there is an endless list of service providers available on the web, you should choose one like Deliver2inbox that provides a fully managedscalable and completely secure dedicated IP address.

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