Tips to avoid your emails going to junk/spam folder.

Tips to avoid your emails going to junk/spam folder.


Spam is not only offensive and annoying; it causes loss of productivity, decreases bandwidth, and costs companies a lot of money. Therefore, every smart company that uses email must take measures in order to block spam from entering their email systems. Although it might not be possible to block out all spam, just blocking a large proportion of it will greatly reduce its harmful effects. 

At Deliver2inbox our first priority is about email deliverability. We always try to give the best results of our services like how Google keeps adjusting its search algorithm to provide the best results, we must also regularly adjust to ensure your non-spam email gets delivered. One of the greatest problems facing email marketers is making sure that your email goes to the user’s inbox instead of going to a junk folder. Here are some tips to avoid this problem:


1. Include the plain text version of your HTML email.

2. Check your language to avoid flagged spam phrases. “Click Here” can be one of them. Money is another. As organizers, we don’t think we’re writing about get rich schemes, but remember that organizations often write about mortgage fraud, and “Mortgage Rates” is on one list. This is an inexact science, but we recommend searching for “Spam Trigger Words” on the internet and you’ll get lots of ideas.

3. If you find issues with your email deliverability, check whether you are blacklisted or not.

4. Don’t use all images or a giant graphic. Keep a balance between graphics and text.

5. Make sure your HTML is carefully designed. Avoid CSS styles as many email software clients ignore them anyway. Use inline styles.

6. Try very hard to add the recipient’s name to the email, this helps to differentiate your bulk emails so that they are not identical which can be a flag in some systems.

7. Subjects should align with email content. It may look to you that your subject is connected to the content, but remember an ignorant piece of code is going to make that judgment.

8. Set up test email accounts on the major email servers. Add them to your PowerBase and put them in a test email group check to see if they get through.

9. Make sure your readers can see how to opt-out and respect their wishes. If not, you may end up on a list as email abusers.

10. Reduce the size of your images to match the dimensions of the image that you are displaying.

Avoid spam

No matter what email marketing strategy you are taking, the first step to ensure a successful email campaign is to choose a reliable bulk email software solutionDeliver2inbox, who provides this article, offers you powerful email marketing software, which is both a great long-term and short-term solution to improving your email marketing to a new level.

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