A/B testing is an essential part of your email marketing campaigns.

A/B testing is an essential part of your email marketing campaigns.

A/B testing may seem like it adds more work and effort, but actually, it can save you a lot of time – and get you the most optimized marketing results for your business. A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a way of working out which of two campaign options is the A/B testing may seem like it adds more work and effort,

When you take two versions of the same email, send one to half your email list (A, the control group), and send the other half to the other list (B, the variant group), then use marketing automation technology to gather data on how many people open each email, click through to the landing page, or purchase your product as a result of receiving the email. Compare numbers, and you will see which email is more effective in generating engagement with content and profit for your business.


Here is how to A/B test your email marketing campaigns

* Take a small sample of your email list, or split your entire list segment (depending on your campaign objectives).
* Send out two emails, with two variations (called “A” and “B”).
* In A/B testing, the “A” is the control group, the “B” is the variant group.
* Track your results for the best open rate, views, click-through rate, and/or sales conversion.
*  Use the best email test to send out to the majority of your list.
*  Improve your results with little effort.


Marketing automation email tools like MailChimp, Salesforce’s Pardot or Marketo make A/B testing easy as you can assign different contacts to each list and test various aspects of your email marketing campaign such as subject line, email body, call-to-action, sender name, and time to see how it impacts your email opens, clicks, and conversions.

When you have insight on what kind of content leads to an email being opened more often and the lead clicking through to your landing page, you can continue to provide that kind of content for other bulk email campaigns helping you to increase conversions from your email marketing campaign. For any information about email services visit Deliver2inbox.

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