Best email marketing guidelines by Deliver2mailbox.

Best email marketing guidelines by Deliver2mailbox.



Email marketing has been and will continue to be one of the most central components of most companies marketing strategies. The potential ROI is just too good to ignore. Email is the most popular of all online marketing channels, but it’s the role and best practices are changing dramatically and rapidly. Creating an effective email marketing campaign is not always an easy task. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that may help take some of the uneasiness out of launching your own campaign and making your efforts successful.

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1. Text of course, very important. But text-heavy emails, with no graphics, tend to scream “boring.” People want snippets of the information set in an attractive backdrop. Try using bullet points with useful and interesting information to make your emails more Scannable. That way your potential client can quickly spot what you are offering and make a decision if they want to keep reading.

2. When email addresses are collected via an online form, the person must click a link in an email sent to their email address before they are added to your list.  This prevents invalid addresses from being added to your list and also acts as “proof” that someone requested to be on your list.

3. Understand that many email programs don’t always properly load your graphics or images. Though images very well spruce up any campaign, ensure that your email isn’t overloaded with them. Use sparingly, and with intent. Remember: the more graphics and images you use in a campaign, directly influences load rate and opens.

4. Give your clients the opportunity to read your email in a format that is more comfortable and convenient for them. By including a simple link at the top of the email that allows your clients to view your email either as a webpage link or in an HTML version.

5. It is very important to get the key elements of your subject line as high up as possible into the body of the email. Get your key message above the fold, including a call to action and don’t forget to make sure it is just as effective on horizontal and vertical preview panes. Messages that use color backgrounds to images stand out even when images are turned off. I would also make sure you mention your brand in web text somewhere above the fold for those scanning their Inboxes.

6. Don’t be misleading. Your email’s from and subject line must be accurate. And it is imperative you do not use spam-linked words in the subject line. Don’t write “free” or use a lot of exclamation points. Spam filters are programmed to pick these types of words up and your customers won’t like it either. Be honest about who you are and try to offer something of value.

7. Equipment fails, companies go out of business, accounts are compromised.  Make sure the valuable emails in your list are backed up regularly.  Set up your backup system to leave out those who have unsubscribed; you don’t want to be tempted to email them again.

8. It’s Monday morning and the average working person has just arrived at their job. They turn on their computer and there pops up 50 new messages. Chances are if you have sent an email campaign over the weekend it is getting deleted on Monday. The scenario is the same for Friday afternoon. People are getting antsy for the weekend and aren’t really going to be excited about your business newsletter, or possibly won’t even be around to read it. The best times are Tuesday and Wednesday mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

9. If you publish a blog, don’t just re-purpose your content and send it out to your email list as well.  Make your email messages unique in some way: give them an extra bonus, or an exclusive tip, or even just allow them to be the “first” to view what you write.

10. To get people to respond to your email marketing and specials, you have to make it a priority. Sure, other things come Up but this shouldn’t be ignored. Get it crossed off your to-do list and you will see how easy, cost-effective, and powerfully email marketing can boost your business.


Know and understand the guidelines that govern email marketing and your marketing efforts will be much more effective. With Deliver2inbox services, your email marketing will make a great deal in business.

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