Deliver2mailbox provides unique techniques for business promotions.

Deliver2mailbox provides unique techniques for business promotions.


In order to enjoy the most benefits from something, you will need to have invested in the best. When looking forward to getting the highest number of email marketing sales, you must have considered using a good bulk mail program to achieve the same. Compared to the other marketing strategies, the bulk email option has by far the greatest advantages. There are various ways to promote your products or services using email marketing.

It provides you with different varieties and techniques for business promotion. By following these tactics, one can simply reach the right customer at the right time to advertise his product or service. All these facilities of business promotion increased the importance of email marketing. You can have access to the people of your own preference. Here are some of the advantages that your business stands to gain by using such a program.

Verification of Email Addresses:


This software verifies all the email addresses in the mailing list before sending out the mails. For that you have to click on ‘Tools’ and then, ‘Email Validation’ and it will check your email addresses for validity.

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Checks Spam Content:


Spam Assassin tool of this bulk email sender identifies any spam content in your email, and if there is such content it can be amended before sending the mails.

Scheduled Email Sending:


You can schedule your emails to be sent later during the day, week, or even a month using this feature.

Record of Sent Mails:


You can keep a date-wise record of all your sent emails, which helps you check any discrepancy in case certain mail has been sent or not.

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Do Not Email List:


This bulk email helps you create a list of people to whom you do not want to send any mails. These can be the people who have unsubscribed from your mailing list or the like.

Adding Data in Email List: You can add dynamic content to your mailing list with this feature. Content such as First Name, Company, Address, Phone, Fax Number and more can be added to the list.


Deliver2inbox is the bulk email marketing company that provides the best email marketing software for bulk emailing. This software also comes with professional-looking email templates to choose from.

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