Importance of IP address in bulk email marketing.

Importance of IP address in bulk email marketing.


As an email marketer, the one endless battle you face every single day is deliverability. Whether you’re sending a personal email or a bulk customer communication, electronic messages are frequently intercepted, filtered, erroneously labeled as spam, bounced or returned to the sender as undeliverable. When sending out bulk emails is it important to ensure that this email is coming from a consistent IP address.

If you have a dedicated server and all of the emails are going to originate from this machine, then there is a pretty safe bet then this is always going to happen. If the emails appear to come from various IP addresses for the one domain a then mail servers start to assume that addresses are being spoofed and start incorrectly flagging the email as spam.

The IP address you deliver emails from a very essential and that is actually true. One of the aspects that decide the success of an email marketing campaign is the sender’s status. Many internet service providers look at the status of the domain you deliver the emails from and at the reputation of the internet protocol address used for sending the messages.


A dedicated IP address is the one that is used only by individual businesses or your company to deliver the messages from. This makes it simple for you to check what is delivered, and you are the one who is accountable for what reputation your internet protocol address obtains.

Dedicated IP addresses make it simple for users to check emails delivered and the user will be only responsible for the sender’s reputation. Cost-effective email service providers accordingly assign a shared internet protocol address to email lists. The difficulty with shared IP addresses is that your deliverability is influenced by the other senders sharing your IP address. A pessimistic side of using a dedicated IP address is the price. Not only is there a preliminary fee for getting a dedicated IP, but you will also require to reimburse a definite amount per month for its management. And this cost in a straight line tells on your email ROI.

Email marketing ROI

For many small companies, it is almost certainly not significant getting a dedicated IP address. But, if your email messages are very much essential to your business and if you deliver a lot of emails, then you should think about getting a dedicated IP address.

Conclusion, it just keeps in mind that even if you decided on a dedicated or shared internet protocol address, the best method to keep away from email deliverability problems is to go after an opt-in method of gathering email contacts and meet the customer’s expectations. Use services from Deliver2inbox and get dedicated email lists, a unique or privately managed IP address, authenticate your email address, and say hello to new subscribers.

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