What is soft and hard bounce?

What is soft and hard bounce?


When you send out an email and something goes wrong with it being delivered it is usually returned to you or “bounced”.  Bounced emails can happen for various reasons, some of them being permanent and some of them being temporary. There is a number of reasons why emails might bounce back. What is certain, is that when they bounce back, the server that bounced them will give you a reason why they bounced, right at the top of the bounced message. Usually, they bounce for benign reasons that have nothing to do with who hosts your email.

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Sending to invalid mailboxes is a common reason sender see an increase in email bounces, more specifically hard bounces. There are two kinds of bounce e-mail: hard bounce and soft bounce. Hard bounce e-mail is permanently bounced back to the sender because the address is invalid. Soft bounce e-mail is recognized by the recipient’s mail server but is returned to the sender because the recipient’s mailbox is full, the mail server is temporarily unavailable, or the recipient no longer has an e-mail account at that address.


A soft bounce normally happens when the working Mail Server is temporarily unable to receive the email. This happens because when a server is unavailable or it is down, the server is overloaded. When the recipient mailbox is full, or when your message size is big. Soft bounces would normally resolve itself.


Deliver2inbox processes both types of bounces and applies them to our client’s databases. Hard bounces are immediate failures where soft bounces are usually delayed.

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