Handle your bounce email with this effective tips by Deliver2mailbox.

Handle your bounce email with this effective tips by Deliver2mailbox.

A bounce, in general, is when an email is rejected for delivery for some reason.  The reason is usually apparent in the description of the bounces type.  Bounces are then broken out into two other classifications:  soft and hard bounce Each of these types of bounces is used by various remote sites to better manage their email infrastructure.  Even though there are two different types, a bounce.  In other words, the email was rejected for some reason.


Here are some quick tips on ways you can reduce bounces even further:

1. Keep your subscriber lists clean: We will automatically remove invalid email addresses as you add them, but when new subscribers sign up via a subscribe form, they may enter the wrong address. Check each list for incorrectly formatted addressesinvalid domains, and typos.

2. Use double opt-in: Double opt-in verifies each address twice before opting-in, reduces the chance of mistyped addresses. Thus, by doing this you would not have to examine the bounced email addresses.

3. Monitor Delivery Rates By Domain: Track your open and bounce rates by a major domain, such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Earthlink, and others. If one is significantly different than the others, or you experience a sudden change, your campaign may be getting caught by spam filters.

4. Test Your Emails: Prior to sending your campaign to your entire list, send a test to yourself and others. Make sure you try and include all the major types of email clients used by members of your list when testing.

5. Create a win-back marketing campaign: Re-engaging dormant subscribers is an alternative which you must consider if your email open rates are falling short. A win-back marketing campaign will spruce your list greatly, but the outcome will be a cleaner list with more chances to deliver.

Effective email marketing

Deliver2inbox ensure that you implement an email marketing solution, which is able to process bounces instantly and repeatedly.

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