HTML or Text Emails: Which is Better?

HTML or Text Emails: Which is Better?


The globe of email marketing, opens and clicks are the whole things, which means email marketers are forever testing customs to perk up these metrics. We’ll tug subject appearance, calls-to-actionimageryheaderslayoutlink positioningcopylengthtonecontent, and the list keeps going on.


Through all of this demanding, there’s one definite truth we’ve uncovered: Apart from correct segmentation of the list, not anything promotes and opens along with clicking as well as an old-school, plain-text email.

Whilst the plain-text emails we shaped had a number of formatting abilities they were as close to plain-text as we might while maintaining the capability to path opens and clicks for testing purposes. With that understood, here’s how we came to the wrapping up.

The (comparatively) old discussion of plain-text vs. HTML is mostly circulated about email deliverability. We won’t be layering all of the deliverability practices in this article, but it is essential to have some background about that topic.

Owning an HTML email does not harm your Deliver2inbox as long as you have two possessions: a correctly coded HTML email plus a plain-text version.

1) The HTML email requests to be properly coded.

If there are out of order tags in your HTML, the email supplier and users can blot it as spam. That’ll damage deliverability — not immediately for that email, but also for any emails coming from that exacting email address in the prospect.

2) The email should also contain a plain-text version.

Most email advertising tools will let you create plain text versions within their email editor, so take some five extra minutes to create and optimize the plain text version of your email. Or else, email providing servers such as Gmail or Outlook might assume your email is dodgy — they expect genuine companies to follow this essential best exercise.

If your emails pursue the best guidelines for deliverability on top, your HTML and plain-text should have the same deliverability statistics.

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