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Why Reviews?


How people feel after using a particular thing is written in the form of reviews so if the other person is interested to use a particular thing so the person gets an idea of how the thing is by reviews written by the user who has already used it.


Why reviews are preferable?


Most of the people read the reviews about the particular product before buying because they get a clear idea about the product, they are interested to buy which saves and clears the unknown users’ lot of time and money. If someone writes a negative review so we understand what are disadvantages and we mostly do not prefer buying it.


Disadvantages of Reviews


It is very much true that the review gives clear information about the product by the customer who is using it or has been used. But many marketing strategies misuse the function of the reviews. Usually what the competitor company does is write fake reviews about the product so that the targeted company’s customer flow decreases and they prioritize themselves so the customers buy the thing from that company.


Recent Trouble to Deliver2inbox By Fake reviewers


Looking upon the continuous increase in the customer’s flow for deliver2inbox, the companies have started targeting our site by writing bad reviews about the features which don’t even actually exist. This leads to companies that are out of reach entering the field. Writing the bad reviews about the leading company distract the third-party use of our site and ensure their review is that strong that they buy the thing from their site because the fake reviewers also mention their website from where the user can buy the same product so that they get publicity and their customer flow increases.



Sometime even this may happen that the person who is writing a review is true and he has suffered the consequences, but there are very negligible chances for this to happen. We ensure that we have continually upgraded features that allow the user to do the task freely and efficiently without any trouble. We efficiently at regular intervals provide the latest features that run in the market so that the user gets to use all the exciting and new features about that particular thing.



Several times it happens that the mistake is but many people have a complaint that it doesn’t reach in the targeted person’s primary box. This is not because the service is not efficient, this is because the user may have not obeyed the basic criteria of the email which includes no several images, minimal links, etc. It may also happen that the user was not able to use the feature properly, but he may have thought that feature was not provided to him as promised then also they may write reviews

Finally, it will be concluded that you should check the review. But even you should understand whether the review about the company is right written by the right user or not. You may also clear your doubts if you think something is wrong after reading the review so you get ensured that was the review fake and if right then the right solution for it.

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