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Many say Email marketing is likely to be dead because of some cases happened of data loss which degraded customer’s trust. Well transactions carried through email may be dead but marketing is not. In fact, it is seen that businesses have been more successful and efficient with their campaigns carried through email. The trends are likely to be more customer biased than marketer’s as customers will have diverse requirements and the competent marketer suiting all the customer’s requirements can only stand out.

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Email Marketing is done by marketers for customers and it’s the customers who are then convinced to be converted. With increasing demands of customers of today’s generation and with many marketers and businesses eyeing their campaigns to be appealing, it will become more important to suit these basic requirements of customers rather than doing what others are.

Customers will be attracted to those emails which appeals to be secured and ensures trust and reliability of their data to be shared. Businesses and marketers should work harder to gain trust of their customers. The extra details and information will not work as customers are less interested with long emails and will only be attracted to those mails which are productive to their needs

Even the large contact lists comprising of unnecessary email addresses of customers who are not interested would be a waste. Marketers are going for a short and effective contact list through which they can expect the most from and have maximum chances of getting it converted with less wastage of resources.

email marketing

With ePrivacy regulations and other initiatives to safeguard data of customers, more will attract and be interested on your marketing campaign.

Another trend which is likely to happen is the personalization of emails which is to be maintained to create a customer relationship of trust. 80% of the customers say that the experience which the marketers provide is as much important as their products and services. The campaigns must need to have a data-enriched and personalized format which can be utmost valuable to customers and their needs.

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The use of Email marketing automation will also come in light among the marketers where they can scale important one-to-one communication with instant call to action to make it easy for the customers to go for what they need. This Email marketing automation is going to gain popularity among all the small and medium sized businesses who are looking to expand their contact list. This Email Marketing automation will give better chances for the businesses to convert customers into prospect leads.

A trend of not limiting your marketing campaign to one channel is also going to evolve as with increasing users and their reach to various channels, it will be important to diversify the marketing reach to new channels. Therefore, creating an Omni-channel way of deploying about your product and services, offers or wishes is going to be the key aspect of attracting maximum of customer’s attention

If you want to carry a successful email marketing campaign, by evolving and adapting to all the trends likely to happen in future, you can choose Deliver2inbox for all your requirements.

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