What to consider between IMAP and POP?

What to consider between IMAP and POP?



While choosing an email client to be its OutlookGmailHotmail, or Thunderbird, you might have come across making a choice between IMAP and POP. Generally, users are not aware of these concepts and select the option without considering one’s advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will figure out what certainly IMAP and POP are and what are their merits as well as demerits which should be considered before making a choice.

IMAP refers to Internet message access protocol whereas POP refers to Post office protocol. These protocols are used for carrying out the function of the transfer of emails between email servers and a mail client.

When it comes to POP, it stores emails locally and requires no internet connection for access except for sending and receiving emails which promote lower bandwidth usage. It accommodates lower storage space assuming emails are deleted after download. It enables you the benefit of grouping multiple mail accounts into one Deliver2inbox and ensures that no mail is stored on a server proving your data to be safe from hackers. Though it possesses some disadvantages regarding different everyday activities that will need to be undertaken on each machine. With messages being stored at only one place, there are greater chances of your emails getting lost.


IMAP provides you the capacity of having access from wherever and whatever device you use with different email programs depending on your device. It promotes faster functioning and can be automatically backed up. It also enables you to save storage space as you don’t download emails to your computer.

Many IMAP clients allow you to store emails locally and sync when online. Even in the failures of your computersemails are safe and can be accessed from a different device. It also has some disadvantages as there can be some cases when your message storage space can be limited by your hosts. All your messages are being saved in your server that allows hackers to access your messages if your server is not secure with a definite password. It requires explicit configuration.

While figuring out the above functions, advantages, and disadvantages of IMAP and POP, we can come to a conclusion of what to consider in settings option between both of these protocols.

imap server

Keeping in mind all the merits and demerits of IMAP and POP, we can certainly say that IMAP is more efficient in its functioning because of its diverse functionalities that help the transfer of emails between email servers effective. Though in its disregard, it is the need of users that suits its interest among both of these protocols.

Like if you want to access your mails from only one device or access offline or you want to keep an extensive history of your emails with your data being secured, then POP protocol can be the best option suiting your business wants. Whereas if you need functioning of multiple computers or use more than one email program or you have a reliable internet connection with not much local storage space, than IMAP can be a prominent option suiting your business needs. IMAP also keeps all your devices in SYNC.

Therefore after considering all the above points regarding IMAP and POP protocols, it can be certain that IMAP has an upper hand but in the end, it is the needs of the business that suits the best with the configurations of respective protocols.

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