Why you Need a Mass Email Service to Boost your Sales

Bulk email service is the best way to promote the business of many people. These services help you to attract define customers from your niche. Once you get an idea about the probable customers then it will be easier for you to sort out the correct target and accordingly send them emails offering attractive offers. The best way to understand the effect of these services is to go through an Email Marketing Audit. This will help you to monitor the difference in sales before and after these Bulk email service. This is will help you to understand the differences in the two scenarios.

Get started with the Bulk Email Service

Bulk email Service

To get started with these services you can first choose beginner’s plan for a preliminary price. This will help you to decide whether that plan helped you to boost your business or not. One of the best agencies in the market that help you to get a preliminary plan is Deliver2inbox. In the preliminary plan, we will provide you the basic service where we will guarantee delivery of emails to the inbox of the customers. This will help clients stay updated to all the recent offers and then they can decide whether they want to go for the sale boosters or not.

Attractive SMTP services

bulk email service

SMTP is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which manages to send emails automatically to subscribed emails and not use any kind of blacklisted servers for this process. The reputed agencies will provide you with default SMTP access even in their basic plans because this is an essential part of bulk email service hosting.

Everything You Need to Know about the services these agencies offer

These agencies provide you with some really useful services and here is a list of some of them

  • 80k emails per day
  • Default SMTP access
  • Monthly contract
  • One or more 8 dedicated IP address for a particular customer
  • Different plans for newsletter email and transaction email
  • 24 X 7 online support
  • Phone support
  • Email scheduling support
  • 100% support on antivirus and Spywares

Separate plans for newsletter and transaction

bulk email service

There are different plans for the newsletter emails and for transactional emails. Newsletter emails are not sent to users who have unsubscribed to the plan. These need accurate monitoring from time to time and this is a great feature that these agencies offer these days. These sites will offer you a number of templates from which you can choose the one you like or customize it accordingly. The price of the plan depends on the model you choose.

TThus, if you have not yet tried out the benefits of Bulk email service then it is time that you at least try out the beginner’s pack which will help you to get an idea about the sales fluctuations and you can visit their sites to know about the different plans. These sites usually have an online chat facility which you can use to know how to get started and which plan would be ideal for your business.

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