How To Grow Your Brand Using BIMI

How To Grow Your Brand Using BIMI

In 2020 for brand recognition, BIMI or Brand Indicators is anticipated to be embraced and actively supported by many email providers. Currently, BIMI is supported only by Yahoo and Gmail. This latest standard will provide the email senders an additional way to stand out in their receiver inbox by enabling you to display email along with your logo.

It is vital to remember that to be able to apply the BIMI standard, you need to deploy DMARC. DMARC compliance is feasible when all emails that you send are aligned with DMARC. The Return-Path and From email must be the same domain or subdomain in order to achieve alignment. For instance, test.com is your From domain, in order to determined DMARC aligned your Return-Path domain must be test.com or subdomain.test.com.

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Amazon SES, Mailgun, SparkPost, and SendGrid are popular email delivery services that enable us to set up a customized Return-Path domain to the senders and strong email authentication and arrangement benefits. MailChimp only upon request allows customers to set up a custom Return-Path domain.

Email delivery providers who do not permit custom Return-Path domains at the instant are iContact, Hubspot, and InfusionSoft. Whether they will add-in this functionality at a later time needs to be seen. That indicates you won’t be able to gain full DMARC alignment with those providers for the time being. This also indicates you won’t be able to get the benefit of BIMI.

One may have been informed that for email deliverability DMARC alignment does not imply. In reality, it does matter quite a bit. Email inbox services rely more on strongly authenticated messages. DMARC alignment helps you to block any attempts of email spoofing, and secure your brand and recipients from email phishing.

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If your organization sends out emails frequently, we strongly recommend taking proactive measures to secure emails for the advantage of both you and your customers. If you don’t use a custom Return-Path domain yet, check with your email service provider if they would allow it. Set up your Return-Path and deploy DMARC enforcement once you have verified you are sending fully authenticated emails.

Building and uploading the logo in SVG file format is the next step, get your BIMI assertion TXT record with a Verified Mark Certificate, and then implement BIMI. 

A Validated Mark Certificate (VMC) is nothing but a digital certificate which confirms the authenticity of a logo connected to the domain of the sender. The intention is to make VMC compulsory so that a domain can deploy BIMI.

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After satisfactory verification of the organization, VMC will be issued by trustworthy third-party certificate authorities. DigiCert and Entrust Datacard are among the first to be part of this action.

As we’ve stated, all of the major email inbox providers are gradually but surely implementing BIMI. It helps your recipients to connect & associate your emails with your brand by making your logo appear alongside your email. Quick implementation of technology will give you a head start on your competitors.

We at Deliver2inbox also provide BIMI support. To Know More about BIMI contact us to talk to our Expert Team.

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