How to point DKIM record in Cloudflare?

How to point DKIM record in Cloudflare?

This blog includes step-by-step directions on how to point DKIM records in Cloudflare.

About DKIM records

Firstly, a DKIM is a TXT or CNAME record released on your domain in the DNS, under _(selector).domainkey.yourDomain.com, where “yourDomain.com” is your exact domain or subdomain. Once a new email message arrives, the server receiving email screens up and uses the public key of the DKIM record.

Create the DKIM record

Before proceeding, be assured you have created your DKIM record. 

In Cloudflare publish the DKIM record
As the record is ready, publish it by following the below steps!

1. Sign in to Cloudflare

Explore to cloudflare.com, type your credentials in the dashboard to log in.

2. Identify your domain

On the home page of the Cloudflare dashboard, locate your domain to which you would like to add the DKIM record, then click it as shown below:

domain for DKIM record

In this case, we will be adding the record of the above domain.

3. DNS Management

Select the DNS option, as indicated below:

Manage DNS for  DKIM record

You’ll now see the section of DNS, where for your domain you can build a DKIM record.

4. Generate the record entry

Enter the setting as mention below for your DKIM record:

Setting DKIM record

Ensure CNAME is the record type, the set name is s1._domainkey where the DKIM selector is s1, and the target is set to the above-created CNAME record. Click on Save. Now the record has been added.

If your DKIM record type is TXT, enter the below settings:

DKIM record TXT
5. Check the released DKIM record

You can review the released DKIM record if you want. Remember that the modification you made in the final step may take some time to replicate in the DNS, so if you couldn’t get the record, allow it some time and then try again later.

That is how you set a Cloudflare DKIM record.

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