Top 20 B2B Email Marketing Examples

What is B2B email marketing?

B2B or Business to Business marketing deals with firms or members of corporations rather than ordinary users. This is why B2B email marketing needs to form its message in such a way that another business profits from it. Typically, businesses purchase goods that concentrate on saving time, money, and resources for them. Both corporations may be correlated with having to reduce their operating costs.

Let’s now proceed to B2B email marketing examples so you can easily implement them into your routine.

What is B2B email marketing?

Example #1. Announcement of a new product

If you are going to introduce a new feature or update an existing one, informing the audience about it is the first thing you can do. That’s also the right time for your brand to remind your audience, encourage your subscribers to try your latest features, and invite them to share their thoughts on your updates.

Example #2. Announcement of new partnerships

In your B2B emails, do not miss to announce merges, acquisitions, and freshly minted alliances. In order to have a better, more consistent service, let your existing and future customers know who you are working with.

Example #3. Send personalized updates

Establish a reputation by personalization of the emails as a brand that cares for its customers. Come up with valuable details of personal accounts from your users such as statistics, credit score, social media activity, and whatnot.

Example #4. Send event invitation

Dedicate an email to the invitation when you plan to host an event. Make sure you explain what kind of event you are going to have, introduce the speakers, and explain the advantages of this event.

Example #5. Promote new blog posts

In a weekly or monthly digest, group your popular articles from your blog. This helps connect your email marketing and SEO effectively by driving more traffic to your website and keeping the eyes of users on your recent or most popular posts as well.

Example #6. Welcome new subscribers

A key step in building a trusting relationship with your potential customers is to send a welcome email. Send it to introduce your brand and its exclusive features immediately after a subscription. List main content of the brand, introduce new users onboard with tutorials, or introduce the company’s fundamental values.

Example #7. Remind Activation

It’s easy for individuals to sign up for your subscriptions. But, some of them don’t read emails from you. So, to get interested in your email updates, your customers or other organizations need a motivating push from you. For this, many companies send out successful marketing emails to customers indicating how simple it is to use the product or service for them.

Example #8. Re-Engage with subscribers

This one also enhances the customer-business relationship online, similar to the activation example. Most organizations take a direct approach to communicating with them instead of giving up on inactive email subscribers. For this reason, re-engagement emails are used. Often, organizations need to force their clients to connect.

Example #9. Develop whitepapers

Whitepapers are known as important pieces of content that can help your company. Whitepapers in email marketing are so common that they are used by more than 71% of marketers. It takes time, however, for a white paper to generate high-quality material. So, you might need to employ a professional content writer.

Example #10. Retention email campaigns

Email marketing is great for bringing life and energy to the campaigns that you run. You will generate the highest return on investment by email blasts, whether it is the promotion of a new product or a buy 1 get 1 free campaign to reach out to new customers.

B2B Email Marketing Examples

Example #11. Webinar

Webinar invitation emails are also included in the successful B2B email marketing strategy. It’s a good way for a company to create new leads using its top-funnel sales to business companies. So, you need to send out invitation emails first for a webinar to be effective. You can do it through the template of a reminder email.

Example #12. Case Study Emails

Case studies are used by B2B businesses if you want to promote your goods based on their benefits to customers. So, you need solid proof. Luckily, as evidence that your services or goods are very helpful to your customers, you will send out case study emails. To inspire your customers more, you should target industry roles in your case studies.

Example #13. Offer Free Trials

Clients are happy to get free services or merchandise. So, if you’ve introduced a new product or service, provide free user trials to send your product to customers for better insights.

Example #14. Show reasons using your service is easy

Through using your product or services, you will introduce your workflow to clients and invite them to join your legacy. To inspire them a little, you can direct them in your marketing emails throughout the whole process.

Example #15. Show several ideas to help your partner start

B2B email marketing is one way to show all your products and services to your consumers. For example, a freelancer will jot down all the services to a business company that he can provide.

Example #16. Sending greetings and wishes

You can use B2B emails if you need a bridge to communicate to your audience or potential clients. Big holidays are days when you can connect with them by sending your emails with electronic Christmas cards or New Year cards. However, do not have a sales tone if you are sending gift cards or greeting cards for holidays.

Example #17. Send promotional sales emails

To your clients, every sale matters. Though, do not brag about it in your email. Keep your sales messages effective, brief, and straight to the point. If you need to go into detail, at the end of the email, you can only include the advantage of this sale to business companies.

Example #18. Ask for referrals and make offers mutually beneficial

If you want anything beneficial out of a campaign, that is to ask your existing customers to recommend them to their networks. Not only does this raise brand recognition, but also sales. So, for the brand, it’s a win-win situation. Such types of emails promote the morale of the clients to refer you to their friends and family members.

Example #19. Offer help to your customer

You will give support to your new customers by leading them through the first step of using your product or service. To boost the customer experience, at the end of an email, you can add bullet points. People enjoy seeing directions, so when they are lost, they thank God, and the organization comes up with a solution to assist them.

Example #20. Thank your customers for doing business with you

Gratitude is the only sort of aspect that helps a partnership go a long way between the brand and the customer. To add value to your partnership, send out customer appreciation emails. This enhances loyalty to customers.



The list of examples of B2B email marketing can go on and on, but the main concept is very evident from the above 20 examples. Do not miss an opportunity to connect to your business customers any company innovations, product updates or announcements, and even holiday celebrations. Carefully curate your emails, don’t force too hard the sales copy and you’ll see a good response to your B2B email marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an essential component of an integrated online B2B marketing strategy that leverages electronic communication based on permission to nurture customer and prospect relationships, total leads and sales and increase customer retention.

2. Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways for an organization to directly target clients. Think about this. You’re not publishing anything on your site and you’re hoping it will be visited by people. You’re not even posting anything on a social media and hoping it will be noticed by fans. You send something directly into the inbox of each person, where they will certainly see it! Even if they don’t open it, each time you send an email, they will always see the subject line and your company’s name, so you’re still interacting directly with your audience.

3. Isn’t email marketing taking the place of social media marketing?

In reality, recent figures show that three times more people are reached by email than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s a big difference. Marketing on social media is wildly popular, and every day becomes even more so, but it still does not take the place of social media marketing any time soon.

4. Do I need to send an email newsletter?

A newsletter is a way to go for certain businesses. A particular approach works well for others. There are typically several different pieces of material in newsletters, such as recent blog posts and current specials. But sending an email containing just one piece of content, or an individual marketing message, is also perfectly fine. Customize the structure of your email to your particular audience and see what works best through experimentation.

5. How do I get clients to read through my email?

Clients open the emails in which they communicate and those that important sound. So, the first thing you need to do is consider the preferences of your customers and the things that matter to them the most. Customers connect to customized emails instantly and when the call to action is important. Also, they read and respond as well if you build an urgency. Concentrate on the value you are developing for the customer and the benefits you are offering.

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Top 20 B2B Email Marketing Examples
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Top 20 B2B Email Marketing Examples
B2B or Business to Business marketing deals with firms or members of corporations rather than ordinary users. This is why B2B email marketing needs to form its message in such a way that another business profits from it. Typically, businesses purchase goods that concentrate on saving time, money, and resources for them. Both corporations may be correlated with having to reduce their operating costs.
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