5 Steps to Profit With Email And A Guide To Email Funnel

How emailing can bring profit? What is Email Funnel?

Effective communication plays a crucial role in the growth and survival of every commercial organization. In these technologically-driven times, it is essential for every businesses to keep pace with the prevailing modes of online promotion and best B2B email marketing practices to boost sales. Expert digital marketers highly recommend using an email funnel to convert potential leads to loyal customers.

If you wish to learn this lucrative marketing deal, you must know the working module and functionality of this wholesome system.

Step # 1: Set up a List Building Funnel

Umpteen vibrant options are there to promote a product or service. But learning about email funnels to earn money by reading emails in India is vital. The mailboxes of readers flood with promotional messages. Hence, to grab the viewers’ attention, it is critical to send them a fascinating statement with the funnel technique.

However, an effective list-building funnel is a prerequisite to earning money by mail system. The essentials of such powerful listings are-

• Short, simple, colorful content.

• A landing page with appealing videos or photos

• Lead magnets are consisting of user-guide or exciting off.

• Ready-to-use templates that catch the eyes of the readers.

• Confirmatory dialogue boxes and quick auto-responding texts.

These pointers can help effectively to earn money by sending mail to huge masses.

Step # 2: Get Target Audience on your Website

It is easy to create a website but difficult to pull the right kind of viewers. The people who would be interested in your website are called the targeted audience. An impressive and workable email marketing funnel strategy embraces the following things:-

• Utilize social media platforms.

• Advertise through Facebook etc.

• Use SEO tools for better Ranking.

• Include popular keywords for easy findings.

• Focus on PPP or Pay-per-click advertisements.

Email marketing funnel strategy

Step # 3: Convert Visitors into Subscribers

A successful business would be able to turn casual viewers into regular subscribers. Studies reveal that companies generally do not focus on this technique. Hence, channelizing efforts here can give a tremendous edge over the competitors. The tried and tested schemes to earn money by mail distribution can be enumerated as follows:-

• Conduct easy giveaways.

• Arrange tempting discounts.

• User and mobile-friendly layout.

• Reduce annoying and delayed site loading time.

• Eliminate website hopping by providing infotainment content.

Step # 4: Build Customer’s Trust

Smart owners and prosperous businesses are committed to existing and prospective users. They work dedicatedly to gain the trust of the clients and customers by any possible means. Having the loyalty and confidence of the buyers helps to prevent or bear the rainiest days. Today’s smart audiences do not fall in the bait easily. They have to be pleased sincerely by things like:-

• Updated trends of the market.

• Useful and relevant information.

• Know customer needs via surveys.

• High-quality products and services.

• Occasional offers and festive sales.

• Social campaigns and awareness.

Several firms also hike their brand image by having viewers who are paid to read mail. However, one should analyze both sides of this coin before using it.

Step # 5: Convert your List into Profits

The fabulous benefit of online business is that it is convenient for shoppers to order things at any odd hour without leaving the comforts of their beds. So, why not take this opportunity to maximize your sales and profits?

• Send special vouchers, free demos, sponsored training, decent cashback, clearance sale, and other exciting things to monetize the email list spontaneously.

Target the right audience for a better inflow of orders and money. Remember that the email receivers are of varied ages, gender, communities, etc., with specified needs and interests.

What is an Email Funnel?

Those who are wondering what is an email funnel may get insightful answers here. Terms like sequenced follow-up emails, auto responder series, automated messages, email sales funnel, lead nurturing funnel, etc., refer to email marketing lead funnel.

These terms refer to the email funnel, where promotional or informational series of automated chain messages are forwarded to plenty of email addresses. These receivers can become influential leads or potential clients based on the powerful impact of the content therein.

Email marketing lead funnel benefits

3 Real Advantages of Building an Email Funnel

Nobody has enough time in these fast-paced times to go through a swarm of messages that they did not even ask for. Hence, it is vital to use an email funnel to make a person open, read, engage, and place orders with you. Proficient digital marketers claim to experience the below-mentioned benefits via email marketing lead funnel:-

• Attract new and useful leads.

• Maintain the loyalty of existing users.

• Turn prospective lookers into current shoppers.

How Does an Email Funnel Really Work?

Relevancy and usefulness are the two key elements of a victorious email marketing funnel. If the intention is to start an email marketing business and increase sales, then the following five steps must be kept in mind.

• Awareness about the existence of your product or service.

• Make the readers consider you and take an interest in your doings.

• Convert the readers into buyers by offering value and utility.

• Aim for loyalty by providing quick services and solutions.

• Ensure that your loyal buyers spread good words about you.

Here’s a Real-World Email Funnel Example

It would make sense to quote a real-life name that has grown significantly through the email funnel sequence. Ruggero Loda, a prominent launcher, has a strong place for his Running Shoes Guru among 20K subscribers. This successful businessman used an automated email funnel to offer informative eBooks on health and nutrition to encourage buyers about running shoes. Today, there are umpteen fans in this name.

Two Ways to Capture Leads for Your Email Funnel

Every marketing strategist will have his/her ideas. Flexibility and customization are imperative elements to build a comfortable relationship between the buyer and the seller. However, the email marketing lead funnel can be directed in two fundamental ways.

• Opt-in forms – They contain the email addresses of the form fillers. So, these forms will give a pool of email IDs that can act as leads later.

Landing pages – They are part of the website page where a visitor gets some profitable offers in exchange for demanded information.

5 Steps to Creating a High-Converting Email Funnel

Who does not want to earn handsome via email marketing sales funnel? One should adopt the following steps to attain a high rate of lead converting.

• Know the customer behavior to determine their taste and preference.

• The best email funnels charm the readers with a warm welcome message.

• Generate useful leads via eBooks, podcasts, email campaign funnel, etc.

• Provide 24*7 customer care support to satisfy new and existing users.

• Listen to and provide solutions to non-buyers who showed interest at any stage.


With all the right tools, marketing expertise, and useful information about the email funnel, you are good to launch your successful marketing. Do not lag and make the most by getting Deliver2inbox email marketing service as soon as possible.

mass email sending time


What is the best time of day to send a mass email?

According to studies, it is suggested that mass emails should be sent in midweeks. People relax at the weekend, and Monday blues make them avoid mass emails. Lunch hours or morning greetings can be free time to check emails.

How do you write a polite email asking for the sample?

Appreciate the company’s efforts in providing services. Also, show interest in working together. Words like, “We would value an illustration on the same.” can sound polite.

How to make money by Email marketing?

Adverting and selling a product or service through emails can generate revenue by creating leads. However, partnerships or sponsorships can also help to make money on a commission basis.

How to monetize Newsletter?

Selling Ad Space, paid premium content, lucrative subscriptions, automating feeds, affiliating links, offering needful options, etc., are some of the tested methods to monetize email Newsletter.

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