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Marketing Email vs Transactional Email: The Difference

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24Feb, 2020
Marketing Email vs Transactional Email - The Difference

Marketing Email vs Transactional Email: The Difference

A lot of people keep wondering what the difference between Transnational Email and Marketing Email really is. Not to fear, we are here to clarify all your doubts regarding this.


Transnational email may also be called as “triggered” emails because they include any email that is triggered by a user’s interaction with a web app (think of a purchase receipt). Often times, transnational emails are sent through SMTP relay or programmatically through one of our APIs.

This is an expected message and its content is information that the client wishes to check or confirm, and not ‘discover‘. This type of email is not intended to optimize the customer relationship but to define it and mark it out. It is a point of reference in one’s CRM.
Strong attention should be paid to this kind of email. These emails must be specifically dealt with: wrongly delivered newsletters might impact leads, but an undelivered transnational email will upset the customer.

traditional marketing
Following are the examples of Transnational Email:
* Welcome message / Account opening
* Order shipment confirmation
* Shipment tracking and order status
* Payment confirmation
* Account termination
* Invoice


Unlike the transnational emails that are triggered and sent programmatically, marketing emails are timed and sent strategically to your recipient list. You can still use Send Grid’s SMTP relay or Web API to send these messages, but traditionally, their content and purpose are different than transnational messages. Marketing emails(or bulk emails) stimulate your clients and leads. They contain informative messages. The recipient must agree to receive such emails: opt-in is mandatory.

However, the recipient does not make an explicit request for a message in particular. For example – he doesn’t subscribe to the “November Newsletter”, he rather subscribes to the “Monthly Newsletter”.There can be a periodicity, but the message can also be sent to a segment in particular. Nonetheless, the main point is that messages are sent independently from specific actions from the clients.

email marketing services tips
Following are the examples of Marketing Email:

* Sales/promotions announcements
* Flash sales
* Newsletters, and much more.

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