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24Feb, 2020
Measures to take before starting a mass mail marketing campaign

Measures to take before starting a mass mail marketing camapign

Email marketing is certainly gaining a higher edge when it comes to online marketing. Many organizations have switched their marketing operations from offline to online only because of the benefits…

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20Feb, 2020
Enhance Email Marketing promotional strategies

Enhance your promotional strategies with Deliver2mailbox.

Bulk email marketing is sending mass emails to a pre-defined list of people who have agreed to receive such emails. As many people get confused by this term, this is…

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20Feb, 2020
Features of bulk mailing

Deliver2mailbox covers all the features for a successful bulk mailing system.

Bulk mail is one of those interesting things in life that can be either a boon or a bust, depending on how much mail you’re sending out, how fast you…

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